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Marina P. Zazanis, President and CEO, the co-founder of Kytogenics in 1993, has since her early years with the family business always been involved in an executive business capacity. From 1956 until the present, she has been involved as shareholder and Director of Clement Pappas & Co., Inc., a privately owned family business based in Carney's Point, NJ, a manufacturer of various fruit and beverage products with current sales in the range of $400 million. In 1983, she was a co-founder of NMR of America, Inc. ("NMR") a $15 million in revenue public company engaged in developing, installing, managing and maintaining magnetic resonance imaging centers for diagnostic purposes in clinics throughout the United States. In 1987, Ms. Zazanis was elected President and CEO of this company. NMR was named the fortieth fastest growing company in the USA in 1990 according to Inc. Magazine's annual survey that year. In 1986 net revenues were $2,526,893 after which under Ms. Zazanis' leadership net revenue in 1990 was $15,676.00 and net income was $1,225,000. In 1990, NMR was named one of the top New Jersey companies by Business Journal of New Jersey and number two in the top ten companies in return on equity with a 45.9% return.

From 1991 until 1993 when she founded Kytogenics, Ms. Zazanis was President of NeoGenix, Inc., a research and development company, involved in the development of proprietary products for expanding the treatment of osteoarthritis.

At Kytogenics, she has been responsible for managing the research and development of the Chitin platform technology, the merger with Nova Chem in 1993, the recruitment of its current outstanding Management team, Board of Directors and Scientific Advisory Board and the funding to date of its operations from institutions and high net worth individuals. Ms. Zazanis has a B.A. degree in English from Hood College, Frederick MD. She is on the Board of Clement Pappas & Company, served on the Board of Directors of the Beaches, on the Alumni Board of Hood College, was a trustee of the Maliotis Foundation, and is a member of the Controlled Release Society.

Samia Mankarious, Vice President, Product Development. Previously with Baxter BioScience as Director, R & D - External Collaboration, Ms. Mankarious joined Kytogenics in 2003. She was with Baxter BioScience for 19 years and was responsible for directing R & D, patent and invention records and manufacturing process improvement. She established the Formulation group, Product Stability Department, and Cellular and Molecular Biology groups within Baxter Bio Science. Ms. Mankarious has a B.S. from Cairo University and a M.S. from University of Wisconsin. She is a member of several professional organizations and has an extensive list of publications.